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The Mesohabitat Simulation Model (MesoHABSIM) is an effective approach to modeling instream habitats at the river and site specific scale. It uses a computer model, Sim-Stream, that predicts the quantity of habitat for aquatic communities in rivers and streams for watershed management scenarios. It is used in water management for instream flow assessments as well as in river conservation and restoration planning.

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How to get MesoHABSIM

You are welcome to use MesoHABSIM in your project and we will be happy to help you in it. There are few options available for you:

1) Purchase Sim-Stream software license

a. Sim-Stream 07 is a share ware which you can download from our website www. SimStream.com for a small processing fee of $49, This version of the software is only operational on Windows XP operating System

b. Sim-Stream08 will be available for purchase shortly. The price of the license is $800. Rushing Rivers Inc. offers discount options for educational institutions and non-profit organizations. You can also preorder now for a discounted introductory price. Please contact contact@rushingrivers.org for more details.

2) Participate in MesoHABSIM course.

This option will offer you full training in approach, data collection and software use including the software license. Rushing Rivers offer such courses few times in the year at different locations. You can also become Course Facilitator and have us come to your place if you find enough people who would be interested in taking the course. Please check www. MesoHABSIM .org for current offerings.

3) Become Certified MesoHABSIM User


Well done. The hands on part in the lab was [a] good idea- to actually see [the] database, software. Impressive PowerPoint presentation! Thanks for the excellent effort! I am very glad that I took the [introductory] course and I look forward to the next portion. Awesome! Nice job. Very impressive process! It was great to have you in Spain! A very good course and a very interesting tool. Good overview of the model and applications field trip was helpful in understanding the applications [of MesoHABSIM].


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