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The Mesohabitat Simulation Model (MesoHABSIM) is an effective approach to modeling instream habitats at the river and site specific scale. It uses a computer model, Sim-Stream, that predicts the quantity of habitat for aquatic communities in rivers and streams for watershed management scenarios. It is used in water management for instream flow assessments as well as in river conservation and restoration planning.

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Well done. The hands on part in the lab was [a] good idea- to actually see [the] database, software. Impressive PowerPoint presentation!

Thanks for the excellent effort! I am very glad that I took the [introductory] course and I look forward to the next portion.

Awesome! Nice job. Very impressive process!

It was great to have you in Spain!

A very good course and a very interesting tool.

Good overview of the model and applications field trip was helpful in understanding the applications [of MesoHABSIM].

This ecologically sound model implements the Natural Flow Paradigm by developing seasonal and dynamic flow augmentation strategies. It also provides quantifiable metrics for evaluating future scenarios and determination of habitat offsets that compensate for flow limitations and other human induced alterations. It is an essential tool of cost effective and scientifically defensible watershed management practice.